Ideas in Icing Sunshine Coast

These are just a few sample questions. If you would like to know anything specific about our cakes or if you would like further information, please send an enquiry through to Ideas in Icing on our Contact Us page.

Ideas in Icing Sunshine CoastQ: What cake flavours do you offer?
A: Our most popular cakes are mudcake. We make all of the standard cake flavours; Dark, White and Caramel along with a range of variations such as ‘White Chocolate Raspberry’, ‘Dark Chocolate Hazelnut’, ‘Citrus’ and ‘Marble’ to name just a few. We also make Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake and a traditional ‘award winning’ Fruitcake. If you would like us to send through the full range of our cake flavours or if there is a particular cake flavour that you have in mind, please contact Ideas in Icing.

Q: Do use premix for your cakes?
A: No. We make all of our cakes from scratch using real eggs (free range of course), butter, chocolate etc.

Q: Can I have different flavoured cakes for each tier?
A: Yes, you can mix and match the cake flavours for no additional charge. We usually recommend that you have no more than two different cake flavours though so as to make it easier for serving (standard 50 / 50 drop), however, it is completely up to you.

Q: Do you have a shop that I could visit? When are your opening hours?
A: We work from a studio with a commercial kitchen (registered with Caloundra Council) attached to our house in Little Mountain (near Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast). We take cake consultations by appointment only and we are usually available Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. If you would like make an appointment to discuss your cake ideas, please contact us.

elegant wedding cakesQ: Do I have to have a cake design from your website?
A: No. All of the cakes on the website were made to order for other people and the cake pictures are there to be used as a guide only. You can certainly have a cake from the website if you like but most people modify them to suit their own wedding (colour, height, shape, etc). We can also make cakes based on your own cake ideas, cake photos, etc. All of our cakes are made to order.

Q: Can we alter the colour / shape / size / style of the cake?
A: All of our cakes are made to order. You can alter just about any aspect of the cakes on this website or we can help you to create a unique ‘one off’ cake design just for you.

Q: How much notice do you need? How early do I need to book?
A: We only make a certain number of cakes each week and some months are much busier than others so I always recommend that you book sooner rather than later. As long as the cake is booked in and the date is saved, we don`t need to finalize all of the cake details until 21 days prior to the function.

Q: Can we supply our own cake for you to ice?
A: We understand that sometimes a family member likes to contribute one tier. We do allow this on some occasions although the cake will need to fit in with certain specifications. As the bulk of our cost is in preparing the un-iced cake and decorating it, the price to ice your cake is the same as our standard pricing for our own cakes.

wedding cake designersQ: What type of cake icing do you use?
A: There are a few different options but the main two are Sugarpaste and Ganache. Sugarpaste (sometimes called fondant icing) is the traditional firm wedding cake icing. It can be coloured to just about any shade (to match your wedding colours) and is ideal for detailed work, piping, etc. Sugarpaste is sometimes confused with the old fashioned ‘marzipan`. Marzipan has a strong almond flavour and is no longer very popular. We don`t use marzipan unless requested. Sugarpaste has a sweet but fairly neutral flavour. Ganache is melted chocolate mixed with cream. It is a good icing for dessert cakes but is not particularly good for detailed work. Ganache is applied with a pallet knife which gives it a textured finish. Ganached cakes are best suited to chocolate work (shards and curls) and fresh flowers.

Q: We want a really big impressive looking cake but we don`t need to serve too many people, do you make ‘dummy` tiers?
A: Yes we can make dummy tiers using polystyrene instead of cake. The price remains the same as real cake tiers though.

Q: I am on a very tight budget. What can you recommend?
A: Generally the more detailed the decoration, the more expensive the cake. The more cost effective cakes would be the ones with very little or no decoration and fresh flowers (supplied by your florist). An example from our gallery would be ‘Tea Party`. Individual cakes are generally more expensive per head than tiered cakes. If you get a price from us and it is out of your budget, let us know and we will try to give you a few different options. Sometimes if you make a small change to the design, for example; changing hand piping to a stencilled pattern, you can still have a similar look for your cake at a reduced price.

tiered wedding cakeQ: Can we have fresh flowers on our cake?
A: Yes, we don`t supply the fresh flowers ourselves but we are happy to work with your florist. Any flowers that are to go on cakes need to have their stems wired and taped. If you have a complex floral arrangement in mind, we can usually deliver the cake early and the florist will put the flowers on it when she gets there.

Q: Do you deliver the cake?
A: We provide free cake delivery and set-up for venues in the middle and lower half of the Sunshine Coast (conditions may apply). We can deliver outside those areas but conditions and fees may apply.

Q: Can we change the look of the bride and groom figures?
A: We make the cake figures from scratch so that they resemble you on your wedding day. We just need a few details about your hair colour and style, dress and suit details and possibly a few photos.

Q: How long can I keep the cake?
A: That depends on the type of cake and the icing used. Fruitcake with sugarpaste icing (the traditional hard wedding cake icing) will last for years in the freezer. Mudcake with sugarpaste will last for about three or four months although brides will often keep if for their first anniversary. Ganache icing (soft icing, chocolate mixed with cream) will only last for a few days.

Q: Can we meet with you?
A: Yes, Ideas in Icing have studio in Caloundra and we have meetings by appointment. Please contact us to arrange a time.

Q: Do we have to meet with you?
A: No. It is possible to organize all of your cake details via email and over the phone.