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Everything old is new again!

Here is our new/old 1968 Hobart AE200, 20qt mixer. Made in England.

We normally have a rule not to buy any kitchen equipment that is older than Lorinda but we decided to make an exception in this case for a couple of reasons:

It’s a Hobart. Hobart have been making very high quality catering equipment since 1897. They have been making this particular mixer since the 40’s and if you wanted to, you could buy an almost identical one brand new from Hobart today.

It was cheap! We paid $150.00 for this mixer at auction although it didn’t always look quite this good…it actually looked like this;

So we did have our work cut out for us but the restoration turned out to be surprisingly easy. The inner workings were in perfect condition despite their age so it was really just a matter of new bearings, seals, grease and of course a shiny new coat of paint!

It now matches in with our 1950’s Kelvinator and should be good for another 45 years!

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